Frank Shines – Biography

Frank Shines was born in Silicon Valley near San Francisco, California (USA) and grew up just north of Seattle, Washington. During high school he studied art, music and computers, graduating with honors and athletic scholarship opportunities. To pursue his dream of world travel and  aviation, he enlisted in the US Air Force where he studied avionics communications and computer systems for work on the Boeing E-3A Airborne Warning & Contol System (AWACS) aircraft. He later received a Presidential Appointment to the US Air Force Academy where he studied management and engineering, competed in gymnastics and learned to fly.  While at USAFA, Cadet Shines earned academic, military leadership and athletic honors and awards, to include the Nathaniel Booth MVP of NCAA Men’s Gymnastics, Honor Flight and the General Burshnick SERE Golden Knife Award (military survival program).

Following eleven years of service in the military he traveled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where he began writing a book and worked under the tutelage of a Brazilian attorney and economist, Dr. Carlinhos Pinto Alveres, for a year. Upon returning to the USA, Frank worked with Westinghouse Motor Company as a Sales Engineer and Project Manager in Austin, Texas.  Mr. Shines has taken on roles of increasing P&L responsibility with Ernst & Young (Consultant), IBM (Principal), Pilgrim Software (Director), Tech Data (Director) and CCS Medical (VP) in Houston, TX, San Francisco, CA and Tampa, FL. He is currently advising several clients and working at the intersection of “Big Data” Analytics, Enterprise Social, Lean Six Sigma 2.0 and Technology-Driven Culture Change.

Frank holds a BS in Management from the US Air Force Academy and an MBA in Marketing Statistics from National University of Sacramento. Certifications include: IBM Certified Principal / Project Manager, Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Champion, ServiceNow (Developer, Admin, ITSM, Virtual Agent), Management Engineer, Project Management, Strategic Alignment, Organizational Change Leadership and Avionics-Communications and Computer Systems.

Mr. Shines’ personal and professional vision is “to share knowledge, wealth and happiness with people around the world,” which he achieves by providing free job seekers advice to at-risk youth, the military, college students and seasoned professionals. He also reaches out to the community by mentoring young adults through the Tiger Woods Foundation, the Computer Mentors Group and BDPA.

Keywords & Skills:  Lean, Six Sigma, Leadership, Business Transformation, P&L, Hoshin Planning Strategy, Biologics Manufacturing, Google AI Vision, Robotic Process Automation, UIPath, PowerBI, Minitab, ERP, CRM (SAP,, Zoho), Google Trends / Correlate, Cloud Computing, SaaS, Project Management, Business Process Improvement, Marketing and Sales Strategies, Culture Change.

Industries: Hi-Tech (Software & Consulting), Healthcare (Life Sciences: Pharma, Medical Devices, Biologics, DME, HME), Energy (Oil and Gas), Aerospace & Defense and Broadcasting.