Portfolio of Sample Projects

  • US Air Force Global Strategic Restructuring Initiative. With fall of Soviet Union, USAF needed to dramatically reduce its force structure and all IT hardware and software systems supporting global air logistics.  Co-led initiative that restructured operations, earning Management Engineering Officer of the Year.
  • Strategic Realignment.   Major natural gas company needing to develop new business strategy in order to respond to regulatory changes mandated by FERC.  Led to cultural transformation, redesign of distribution and order fulfillment processes and the rollout of an enterprise ERP system. Earned Ernst & Young Reengineering Award.
  • Large-Scale ERP Implementations. Co-led four year SAP initiative for Fortune 20 client, which included 13 on-time, in-budget roll-outs, organizational culture change, process redesign, kick-off of Lean Six Sigma analytics. Co-led several global enterprise systems and web applications initiatives (USA, Europe, Asia, Canada, Latin America).  Led to twice earning the IBM Golden Circle Award.
  • Corporate Training & Development.  Developed and delivered hundreds of Enterprise Technology, Data Analysis, Strategy, Project Management, Business Process Improvement (Lean, Six Sigma, Reengineering) and Organizational Culture Change programs for dozens of Fortune 500 and SME clients.
  • Multiple Global and National Lean Six Sigma Strategic Initiatives. Working with Board, CEO, COO and CFO, spearheaded global and national Lean and Six Sigma strategic transformation projects, to include all infrastructure, hiring, executive and employee training and project management.
  • Rapid Implementation of Patient Information Management System. Sponsored and co-managed cloud-based, patient information, order management and billing system using Brightree software application for major durable medical equipment company managing nine different product lines.
  • Activity Based Costing (ABC) Models. Traditional accounting sytems unable to determine true cost of product lines. Created ABC models for global chemicals client needing to understand how selling, distribution and operational costs varied by more than two dozen global product lines.
  • Dozens of Data Analysis / Predictive Analytics Projects.   Large scale data and Big Data Analytics projects using traditional and next generation business intelligence (BI) and statistical analysis applications to pull from multiple data streams in order to conduct correlation analysis, develop algorithms, mulitivariate regression models, trend analysis, forecasting models, etc. in order to improve business performance and gain business insights for better and faster decision making. Data sources included: CRM, ERP, Quality Management Systems, Supply Chain Management Systems, Google Analytics, Enterprise Compliance and Quality Management Systems, Web / Mobile Apps, Financial / Accounting Applications.